Teamwork - Brendan O’Shannassey

Posted 24th November 2016

I am proud to have the opportunity to join such a fantastic and committed group. I will try my best to carry my weight in the challenge and in raising awareness and sponsorship for the cause.

Being a late joiner to the team, traveling often and being in North Germany the training has been a best-fit of doing as much as I can given the short daylight hours, and regular rain.  A lot of Sufferfest videos and the stationary trainer have featured heavily.  Morning runs in Moscow, Monaco, London and of course North Germany have also helped and to keep it varied there has been a few surf ski tours on the Kiel Canal. Once an Australian - always an Australian!

When the alarm goes at 0515 in the morning and I prefer to sleep I think of the long days in the challenge and I shuffle out for the morning. Well most mornings.
I woke up to snow today so once again it was indoor training only.  Very alone at 0530 in the Kiel gym on the spin bikes!  Some goodies arrived for the tour today - stuff sacks and blister-proof socks. . .not so sure how they guarantee these!

Tomorrow it will be the stationary trainer in the morning, the afternoon in the gym and trying to stay away from the office pastries in the middle!
I’m getting a real buzz from setting up my JustGiving page and seeing the kind and generous donations that are coming in. I still have a way to go to each my £3,000 target but I am as determined to get there as I am to reach the finish line for the headeast challenge.



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