My motivation - Captain James Morris

Posted 21st November 2016

I am honoured to be part of this great team and would like to dedicate my personal headeast challenge to all of those loved and lost too soon. I am cycling in memory of my school friend Eric who lost his life at just 18 through cancer and to my dad’s friend Pete who died aged 46, just a year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. I have such fond childhood memories of happy times with both them and their families. By taking on this challenge I hope that the money we raise can make a difference to the lives of many more people whose lives are affected by brain tumours.

So what made me choose headeast? I enjoy taking on personal challenges and adventure, travelling has always been a big part of my life. I love discovering new places and cultures. I have never been to Vietnam and Cambodia before so I am excited to be exploring somewhere new.

The headeast cycle will be a completely new experience for me and I am thoroughly looking forward to it. The challenge will take us on steep mountain climbs and through dense jungles in hot humid conditions, all in just 10 days.

Before I could start my training, I had to buy a new VTT bicycle as my rusty old bike was somewhat outdated and possibly not even in a safe condition to ride!

I am fortunate that there are steep hills with varied and challenging terrain close to my home which provides a great training ground for me. I have been really enjoying my training so far, I have discovered a number of new places in my neighbourhood and I am feeling healthier!

I have been increasing the intensity of my training throughout November, ready to take on the challenge next month. I am halfway towards my £3,000 target and hope to reach it before we set off.



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