The friend I am cycling for - Lewis Moody

Posted 1st December 2016

Following our epic challenge to the North Pole last year, I wanted to do something different that others could get involved in to raise vital funds for The Lewis Moody Foundation. And so the headeast cycle challenge was born.

I had known Steve for 2 years. A young father of 2, the same age as my sons, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. I went to see him and his wife in hospital at the end of October when he was told there was nothing more that could be done for him, and had maybe only 2 weeks left. All he was worried about was the best way to tell his children that he wouldn’t be around any more. Sadly Steve passed away on Thursday 10 November. He went downhill rapidly since we saw him in hospital losing the ability to form words, remember anyone, or move one side of his body. He leaves a wife and two young rugby mad boys. What we are doing sadly won’t help him, but we can support his family and hope that in the future others won’t be faced with such tragedy.

Every penny we raise will help support early diagnosis for children and adults and to help find a cure. That’s why I am taking on headeast. That’s why I set up The Lewis Moody Foundation.
I am so proud to be joined by such a diverse team of guys who are coming together and putting themselves well out of their comfort zones to take on this challenge and raise a significant sum of money for The Foundation.  We have an extremely ambitious target of raising £75,000 for The Foundation and with the support of all of you out there, I know we can get there.



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