• Brain Tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children
• One child dies every three days
• 62% of children who survive a brain tumour will be left with a life-altering, long-term disability

These shocking facts must change. That’s why the headeast team are supporting The Lewis Moody Foundation in raising crucial awareness of brain tumours in children through the award-winning HeadSmart campaign. The Foundation relies 100% on donations from the public and events such as the headeast Cycle Challenge to continue funding this life changing work. Pleases sponsor the headeast team today to help them raise £75,000 to support the crucial distribution of HeadSmart symptoms cards. Just £10 raised can ensure a Doctors Surgery has the vital information they need to recognise the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in children to ensure brain tumours like David’s are no longer missed. Every donation really will make a difference.

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By the time 11 year old David was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour, his treatment options were very limited. David devastatingly lost his life when he was just 16.

“If David had been diagnosed earlier he could have been spared nine intrusive brain operations. The HeadSmart campaign will save other children’s lives in the future.”

David’s mum Sacha and HeadSmart Champion



Luke had not been feeling himself when his mum Fay stumbled on the HeadSmart website. Luke had been vomiting, was off balance, had had mood swings and growth spurts, but after consulting their GP and an optician, Steve and Fay were not any closer to pinpointing what was making him poorly. It was then that the HeadSmart website helped. When Fay returned to the GP armed with HeadSmart information, Luke was referred for an MRI. The scan confirmed he had a grade one pilocytic astrocytoma which was subsequently removed three days later.

“The HeadSmart information crystallised everything. It made me think about all of Luke’s symptoms differently. It gave me what I needed to go to the GP and say: ‘I’m really worried.”

Luke’s mum Fay after HeadSmart helped to get his brain tumour diagnosis

Early diagnosis saves lives and prevents long term disabilities.

Lewis Moody MBE is a former captain of the England rugby team and a member of the 2003 World Cup winning side. Inspired by Joss Rowley-Stark, The Lewis Moody Foundation, funds vital research into brain tumour diagnosis and gives families living with critical illness a day out of the ordinary to lift spirits and create special memories.

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