We need your support to raise £75,000 through the headeast challenge to help make thousands of parents, doctors, opticians and healthcare professional across the UK brain tumour aware. Early diagnosis can save children’s lives and prevent long term disabilities. 100% of all donations made to headeast go directly to The Lewis Moody Foundation in their support of the HeadSmart campaign.

“I am inspired every day by young children and families who are dealing with critical illness and who face an uncertain and heart breaking future. It is these who will be driving me forward to complete this extreme personal challenge and most importantly to raise over £75,000 to make a difference to the future of others. Please sponsor me and the headeast team to reach our goal. Thank you.”
Lewis Moody MBE




£10 could make an Optician HeadSmart aware. Opticians play an important in early recognition of potential brain tumour symptoms. Optometrist Martin Baker recognised the signs of a brain tumour when Maisy, aged nine, came in for a routine eye test, "It was not something you see every day, as soon as I saw the ocular signs I phoned the emergency eye clinic and sent Maisy there straight away."  Within 48 hours Maisy had an operation to remove a very large tumour.

£50 could make 20 families brain tumour aware so that diagnosis is quicker and lives may be saved in future. Mum Sacha is a HeadSmart Champion whose son David, lost his life to a brain tumour in 2012 when he was 16, “If David had been diagnosed more quickly he could have been spared nine brain operations. The HeadSmart campaign, will save other children’s lives in the future.”

£100 could make 10 GP surgeries aware of the signs and symptoms of childhood brain tumours and the HeadSmart tools available to support them so they know when to refer for a live-saving scan.

£500 could ensure all pupils, parents and teachers in a secondary school receive the HeadSmart symptoms card, ensuring that brain tumours in children are diagnosed as early as possible. Fay, mother of Luke who diagnosed her son using HeadSmart, said “The HeadSmart information crystallised everything. It gave me what I needed to go back to the GP and say: ‘I’m really worried’."


Please support the headeast team today and make a difference. Thank you for your support.